03 August 2014

Lazpod 27: The Lovepod

So I guess for a blog called Swooner there isn't much else on here but mostly dance music and the odd gif of Jean Claude Van Damme punching a snake. Until now! Damian Lazarus' latest Lazpod is 90 minutes of pretty amazing love songs, a mix he says he has been perfecting for over 10 years. Fair play to him, I am part robot but even I think this is pretty great. Loads of classics* but also a bunch of gorgeous songs I'd never heard before. I'm sending this across the interwaves to my friend Julie in Rome, it's her birthday today and she loves SONGS WITH WORDS. Tanti Auguri, Giuliana!

If you can't see the box above, click here.

I've posted a couple of other Lazpods check 'em here. Always learn so much listening to them; they are all so different and even within each episode there is so much going on. (They remind me a lot of the Django Django mixes in that way, a chance to listen to music not normally on my radar.) Go follow soundcloud.com/damianlazarus to check out the rest too!


* I even made it all the way through Chris Isaak's 'Wicked Game', a song I can't usually bear. It was worth it! 

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