08 May 2014

Villa and Monsieur Moustache: Erotic City Mix Vol.3

Been over a year but the latest Erotic City Mix by Villa and Monsieur Moustache is here. It's real slow and heavy, and full of a really great mix of really different tracks that work really well together. Erotic City indeed. Downloadable too! Nice.

If you can't see the above box, click here.

1. Peanut Butter
2. So Lonely
3. The Magician
4. Us
5. Sex Me
6. Belle De Jour
7. Don’t Tell Me, Tell Her
8. For The Sake Of Love
9. Through The Rabbit Hole
10. Links
11. Looking For Love
12. Disco Drummer
13. D.O.A.H.
14. Walk The Night
15. Cambodia
16. Lady Shave
17. Fever
18. I Come, You Go
19. One By One
20. Top Machin
21. Cockroach
22. Veronica’s Veil
23. Happy Sunday
24. Paper Trails

I've posted volume 2 here, and check out soundcloud.com/villamakesmusic for more.


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