29 May 2014

Swooner Exclusive Mix no.11: Colin Perkins

Been quiet enough on Swooner lately, wasn't feeling much for any of the music I was checking out this week and then THIS arrived - thanks to Dublin DJ Colin Perkins. Brilliant vibes; on repeat. It's so good, even including some whopper Prince and some Pachanga Boys. And a load of other quality tunes! SO happy right now. Thanks Colin! 

To DL: bit.ly/TWyGEs

1. Escape From New York - Fire In My Heart
2. 6th Borough Project - Walk Away (Ben La Desh Remix)
3. Abstraxion - Moon
4. Scott Fraser - Paraphrase Mine (Headman Rework)
5. Skatt Bros - Walk The Night
6. Pachanga Boys - Legs
7. Bottin - Sage Comme Une Image​
8. Charlie - Spacer Woman
9. Metro Area - Proton Candy
10. Prince - Erotic City
11. Secret Squirrels - #1 B
12. Alexander Robotnick - Undicidisco (Justin VanDerVolgen Edit)
13. Margot - Magico Disco

Colin is one half of Decent Perks - they are playing on Saturday at Electric Galway and Colin plays Forbidden Fruit on Sunday. Get involved! 


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