25 April 2014

Vacationland mix #21: Fitness!

Another sweet Vacationland mix, this one is hella dreamy. I've just listened to it twice in a row and have decided it's definitely my favourite of the series so far. And not just because I can hear Keanu AND Michael J. Fox AND some True Detective in there. It includes 'Selfish' by Tensnake, what a tune, and one of my favourite songs in the whole world, 'Train In Vain' by The Clash. Amazing. Keeping up the excellent work, kudos Vacationland!

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Get listening, tracklist with be released after 1000 listens, and I want to know what that savage last track is!

Update: Last track is the first song Cut Copy ever made, called 1981(disco mix). Amazing.

1. Pillar Point - Dreamin’
2. Vanilla - P.S.
3. Casa del Mirto - Deep In Your Mind
4. Benny & Gain - Evening Shadows
5. Casa del Mirto - Faces
6. alicks Phippsy - Talkin’ Bout
7. Copa Turbo - Two Lovers
8. Vallès - Heartbeat
9. Le Sloth - One Way Out
10. Seoul - Stay With Us
11. VentureX - Never 2 Young
12. Follow Me - If You Leave
13. Libanо - libano
14. Chris Malinchak - Forever
15. Onra - Keep On Loving Me
16. Tensnake - Selfish (feat. Jeremy Glenn)
17. [Stereo Component] - Making Love to Rollergirl
18. Copa Turbo - Peace
19. Neon Workout - Running in the night
20. Rollergirl - Let’s Get the Rollerskates!
21. DCUP - Someone Told Me
22. Cool Notes - Why Not (Mike's Edit)
23. The Clash - Train In Vain (Superprince Edit)
24. Mike Le Disco - Treat Her Like A Lady (Happy Groove Remix)
25. Subosco - Grande
26. Stylophonic - Soulreply (Le Nonsense Remix)
27. Rollergirl - #billyocean
28. Cut Copy - 1981 (Disco Mix)
29. Boney M - Ma Baker

I've posted a bunch of these deadly vibes before, check 'em out here and go follow soundcloud.com/vacation-land for more.


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