20 March 2014

Throne of Blood podcast 33: Reza Athar

One of the latest Throne Of Blood podcasts by Reza Athar. Amazingly dark and synthy start to this 2 hour mix full of very slick tunes. Sit back and let this happen to your ears. Check out that savage tracklist. Permanent Vacation, Tusk Wax, Correspondant, Infiné. And a tonne of stuff I hadn't heard before. Always tricky to make a 2 hour mix quality the whole way through but this sometimes low-key, sometimes banging mix kept me listening.
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01. Brain Machine – Capricorn Rising (Spectral Empire Mix) [Emotional Response]
02. Patrick Cowley – Journey Home [Dark Entries]
03. Rude 66 – Answers Come Always In Dreams [Bordello A Parigi]
04. Javi Redondo – Lonely [Astro Lab Recordings]
05. Richard Sen &v Cazbee – If You Were [Mixed Blood Cuts]
06. Candyblasta – Hippocratic Oath (Drvg Cvltvre Dub Mix) [Permanent Vacation]
07. Good Guy Mikesh – On Patrol [Ellum Audio]
08. XY-ME – Fearless [Days Of Being Wild]
09. Duncan Gray – Deep Blue [Tici Taci]
10. Emile Strunz – See What You Get [Join Our Club]
11. Eskimo Twins – Skraeling [Astro Lab Recordings]
12. Kalidasa – Cosmic Dance [Tusk Wax]
13. Delect – 97 (Club Bizarre Mix) [Leonizer]
14. Reagan & Carter (feat. Eddie Lobo) – O (Part 1) (Antoni Maiovvi Mix) [Emeral & Doreen]
15. Iron Blu – The Protagonist [Vivod]
16. Black Merlin – New World Fantasy [Common Thread]
17. The Mansisters – Bullschnitzell (Jennifer Cardini “Road To Schnitzel” Mix) [Correspondant]
18. Danton Eeprom – Biscotto & Chimpanzee (Man Power Mix) [InFine Music]
19. Featureless Ghost – Body Pillow [Acoustic Division]
20. TNT Subhead – The Book Of Yes [Groovement]
21. Blancmange – The Western (Cage & Aviary “Nothing Is” Dub) [[Emotional] Especial]
22. Headman – IAC Edit Service 28 [IAC – Edit Service]
23. Sharif Laffrey – Turn It Up [Discos Capablanca]
24. Teeth Of The Sea – Sentimental Journey (Cage & Aviary “Wyld” Dub) [[Emotional] Especial]
25. i-Boat Captain – Major Spam (Almunia Mix) [Is It Balearic…?]
26. Miajica – Wild Barrabas [LGDZ]
27. The Rhythm Odyssey & Dr. Dunks – Acid Fantasy (Khidja & Balabas “Electric Fantasy” Mix) [Golf Channel]
28. Mario Basanov – Machinarium [Best Kept Secret]
29. Fader – Frozen Shavings [Borneo Records]
30. Bot’Ox (feat. Mark Kerr) – Goodbye Fantasy (Moscoman Mix) [I’m A Cliché]

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