13 January 2014

Swooner Exclusive Mix no.9: Pleasure Machines

SO. The first exclusive Swooner mix of 2014 comes from none other than Pleasure Machines! It is SO good. You may have heard a few of their mixes on Swooner before and if so, you know you are in for a treat. If not, Pleasure Machines = Sam and Mag Jr from Belgium and their quality, fun, mixes always manage to have whopper beats without being heavy or dark. This mix is bouncy with some nice electro vibes and slick tunes! (And as if that wasn't enough it even has some Flight Facilities) - Thanks guys, much appreciated. Have a great 2014!

I played their remix of Chris Hingher's track 'The Thigh Gap' on the space laser episode of Tiny Choons recently, check out the track here and the show here.

Listen to some of the mixes of theirs I've posted before here and go follow them:

Photo from here.

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