08 January 2014

Laser Sex: Supremium E.P.

Any excuse for a Lazertits.com visit.

The theme for the second Tiny Choons radio show was 'space laser noises' so we had a load of fun picking out tunes for it. AND finding new music! Imagine my delight and surprise when I found a band that actually lives up to the awesome name of 'Laser Sex'* - an American duo (Mike Nasser and Jeff Felkowski from Scranton) making some very funky tunes. You can listen to their E.P. 'Supremium' below. Funky and spacey and amazing with deadly soundbites throughout. I played their (also awesomely named) track, 'Chocolate Sex Kittens' on the show (it has a deadly Kenny Powers quote at the end), but all the tracks are whopper!

If you can't see the above box, click here

Check out the rest of their tunes on soundcloud.com/lasersex, so many vibes. They are so sound you can download all their music at lasersex.bandcamp.com/!


*another awesome band with the word laser in it is Lasertom, check that out here!

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