05 November 2013

Sunset Blood - the debut album by Starcadian

"I make ear movies" - very apt description of these tunes

My mate Stu over at the deadly www.wunderground.ie got me onto this album 'Sunset Blood' by Starcadian. It is basically my dream music. Synthy, 80s dance vibes with space lasers and robot voices, and amazing, gorgeous disco-ey tunes, and then some epic movie music near the end. At the risk of being lazy and reductive I'm just going to say that if you like Breakbot, or Daft Punk's Discovery album, or Drive, or Lasertom's debut album I posted about recently, you should check this out. (If you don't like any of those things, you are probably in the wrong bit of the internet.)

Stream and buy it here: starcadian.bandcamp.com/album/sunset-blood


I think he killed somebody with a Commodore 64:

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