15 August 2013

When Björk Met Attenborough

"The line blurs between music and nature, 
because that's almost like the same thing to me." - Björk

Björk met up with David Attenborough during the making of Biophilia. This documentary show them talking and is basically an hour long love-in for nature, the universe and all things musical. It shows some of the amazing lengths Björk went to and some of the amazing intruments people have made, using tesla coils and massive pendulums to harness physical forces and turn them into visual and musical instruments. ("Bjorks creativity is sometimes ahead of what we can do technically") and has David Attenborough being a total legend as per usual. Oliver Sacks also features, talking about the amazing power of music on memory. Beautiful.

"No, I love nature more"

Bjork plays The Electric Picnic this year, get tickets here.


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