14 July 2013

2 mini mixes by Coconut Funk

Rad art by Jamie Browne

I love the internet, and the world. Got a tweet from Dave in Chicago, telling me he'd found some swoon-errific tunes - and here they are! 2 mini mixes of soulful jams with a touch of hip-hop and funk and disco - by someone or people called Coconut Funk from France. Kinda Breakbot / LeBron vibes. Alas, I can't find anything else by them or any more about them. Any info anyone?

Play 'em both in a row*. Thanks Dave!

If you can't see the above boxes, click here.

*If you go here soundcloud.com/polo-ch-zaro-couturier and click on the first one they will play consecutively. Tracklists also there. 

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