16 June 2013

Dan Deacon live at Primavera Sound 2013

"Why didn't I learn Spanish? I took it for five fucking years in high school!"

Dan Deacon played Primavera Sound Festival recently and if you have ever seen him live before you will know how nuts it can be. He is such a charismatic bastard, with such mental, savage tunes. Saw him in Whelan's earlier this year and had the joy of watching it from upstairs so could fully appreciate his two unbelievably amazing drummers and the crowd games and dancing below and didn't have to get involved with all the madness on a physical level. It's a commitment to do so, and having done it twice before I was glad of the opportunity to watch from above like a fragile, hungover, non-omnipresent god, and the show was possibly even more enjoyable from the different perspective. But just listening to this, I am sure it was amazing being there. Too bad there's no video. G'wan the MOON!
If you can't see the above box, click here.

Quality stuff. LOVE that last track, it's so beautful. If you haven't been to one of his shows before and you get a chance, I would highly recommend it.


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