10 May 2013

Throne of Blood podcast 21: Red Axes

Go Friday! 

Red Axes is a project created by Tel-Aviv based producers and DJs Dori Sadovnik and Niv Arzi. They just did this savage podcast for Throne Of Blood Records. Serious beats:

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1. MAKiNA GiRGiR - Тёплая Кровь/Sang Tiede (La Forme Lente)
2. Albinos - Bakatribe (Antinote)
3. Hardway Bros - A/B Musique (Throne Of Blood)
4. Chris Carter - Moonlight (Neurotic Drum Band version) (Optimo Music)
5. Moebius & Plank - Infiltration (Walls Remix) (Grönland Records)
6. ??
7. I :Cube - Gtnup (Versatile)
8. Neil Landstrumm - HI_LM (Sneaker Social Club)
9. Roundhousekick - Industrial Dream (One Eyed Jacks)
10. Philipp Gorbachev - Last Days Of The District (Christian S Dj Friendly Version) (Comeme)
11. Red Axes - Spicy Stick (Correspondant)
12. ldc - Die Ankunft (Moscoman Arrival Edit ) (White)
13. Soft Machine - A Certain Kind (Yovav Edit) (white)
14. Alessandro Parisi - Hutamak Endurance (lux)
15. Split Secs - The Joint (Red axes Remix) (Throne Of Blood)
16. In Aeternam Vale - Silver Plane

I've posted a few other Throne of Blood mixes and podcasts, they are all sweet - check em out here.

soundcloud.com/derrickvegasint (Red Axes)

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