02 April 2013

Vacationland mix #12: Neon Dreams

After just checking out the Vacationland series for the first time last week, lo and behold there is a new one out. Sweet! Has a little more R'n'B vibe this time to start, which is a great thing, then heads into some more dancey tracks, with soundbites from quality movies throughout. Pretty sure I heard Ted "Theodore" Logan (Keanu) from Bill & Ted being very philosophical, and some Bill Murray from In Lost In Translation among others. And it has some Cut Copy! Again, anyone who likes the Flight Facilities decades mixes should dig this. Quality artwork as well.

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1. The Avalanches - Tonight May Have to Last Me All My Life
2. Venice Beach - French Kiss
3. Du Tonc - Darkness
4. SOS Band - Higher Hopes (80s Child Dreamer Groover)
5. Breixo - Disco Love (Original Mix)
6. GrooveU & Room4space - See U Again (Orginal Mix)
7. Aurra - You And Me Tonight (80s Child All Night Jam)
8. Tiger & Woods - Pitch
9. Norma Jean - Sorcerer (12 Inch Mix)
10. GrooveU & Room4space - Aruba Sunset (Original Mix)
11. Hey Champ - Comet (feat. BeuKes)
12. Cut Copy - Stars
13. Glenn Dale - WR1 (Original Mix)
14. French Horn Rebellion - Girls (Rogue Vogue Remix)
15. Jonas Rathsman - Bringing You Down
16. L'Enfant - I Can't Believe It
17. Jamie Anderson & Jesse Rose - Jack Your Body (Body Jackin') (Original Mix)
18. Les Sins - Grind
19. Bondax - Gold (Moon Boots Remix)

Check out the previous one here or go to soundcloud.com/vacation-land

If you haven't listened to the Flight Facilities mixes check 'em out here.



  1. Like the blog! we share groovy music interests, ill be back again.