12 April 2013

Steve Bicknell: The Hauschka Mix

Bicknell is a UK DJ and producer; in this mix from Electronic Beats all tracks are by German composer and pianist Hauschka. One part gorgeous, two parts bananas, but amazing and compelling at the same time. Quite different, very atmospheric, reminds me a lot of Jon Hopkins' stuff.

01.”Radar” [Michael Mayer Remix]
02.”Sunrise” [Mathew Herbert's Dawn Mix]
03. “Cube” (Segment)
04. “Cube” (Segment) [Ricardo Villalobos & Max Lodderbaur Remix]
05. “Radar” [Alva Noto Remodel]
06. “Subconscious”
07. “Ping” (Segment) [Vainqueur Remix]
08. “Ping” [Vainqueur Remix]
09. “Ping” [Vainqueur Remix]
10.”Cube” [Ricardo Villalobos & Max Lodderbaur Remix]
11. “Radar” (Segment 1)
12. “Radar” (Segment 2)
13. “Girls” [Hauntologists Remix]
14. “Tanzbein” (Segment)

If you liked that you should check out this video of Jon Hopkins performing live at Skif festival a couple of years ago. It's pretty insane as well.


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