06 April 2013

Life lessons from Mr.T

I pity the fool who doesn't watch all these videos. Mr. T shows you how to 'recoup' if you fall in public - avoid embarrassment by turning that fall into the beginning of a sweet ass breakdance move:

This is from from Mr T's movie 'Be Somebody Or Be Somebody's Fool' which is over the top 80s with Mr. T tackling such issues as shyness, style ('table the label, wear your own name'), treating your mother right, doing exercise, breakdancing, rapping, making friends, reading and daydreaming - everything a kid needs for a happy balanced life.

In this clip, New Edition sing about not succumbing to peer pressure in an amazingly catchy synthy tune. And pleasingly, they are singing about peer pressure while dancing on a pier.

You can watch the whole thing on Youtube:

Of particular note is the fashion show, Mr T's dance lesson at 22'30" and a particularly inappropriate synthy tune about working out at 32'.

And on a separate note: this is an anti-drugs rap by Mr. T and Kool Keith. Kool Keith makes drugs sound kind of cool though by name checking all the famous people who took them, although I am sure that wasn't his intention:

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