20 March 2013

Populette & Friends mix

In your face, Wednesday.

Populette is Max Pask and Andrew Potter, and on Throne Of Blood Records; this is a mix they did with a load of their tunes and remixes from last year which I only checked out recently as I am so current and up to date. Some lovely tunes and also some banging ones on here I hadn't caught before, keeping my mid-week post-Paddy's Day raver's regret at bay. Probably best to avoid if still a little fragile. (If you are a little fragile may I recommend watching this).*

If you can't see the above box, click here.

1_HITS "Twin Peaks" (Maxime's Dub - ruff mix) - Promo
2_Fiori "Andiamo" (Populette Remix) - out Feb 2013 on Tigers On a Leash
3_David Shaw & The Beat "Infected" (Max Pask Remix) - Out now on Her Majesty's Ship
4_Javi Redondo "Automatos" (Maxime Remix) - Out Feb 2013 on Correspondant Records
5_Remain Vs Populette "Discomfort" (Marc Piñol Remix) - Out now on Meant Records
6_Maxime & Remain "Sergei" - Out now on Matt Walsh's Clouded Vision Experiment Compilation
7_Pleasure Planet "Black shades for White nights" - Promo
8_Populette "Hells Pass" - Out now on Items & Things Variables Compilation
9_Maxime & Remain "Ghoulish" (Sasse Remix) - Out now on Throne of Blood
10_Kim Ann Foxman "Return It" (Populette Remix) - Out now on NeedWant Records
11_K.D. Smile "In The End" (Kim Ann Foxman & Populette Dub) - Promo
12_Timothy J Fairplay "Xylophone" (Populette Remix) - Out now on Astrolab Recordings
13_Theme Park "2 Hours" (Populette Dub) - Out now on Transgressive Records
14_Mikron "Soul Provider" (Maxime Remix) - Out now on Zone
15_Mugwump "School's Out" (Populette Remix) - Promo
16_Remain Vs Populette "Discomfort" (Chloé Remix) - Out now on Meant Records
17_Black Strobe "Boogie in Zero Gravity" (Populette Remix) - Out now on Black Strobe Records
18_Maxime & Remain "Unmanned" - Out now on Throne Of Blood

I posted a podcast Max Pask did for Throne of Blood Records before, check it out here. And check out more of their podcasts here too.


* My apologies if you actually were feeling fragile and actually DID watch that video and now can't leave your house.

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