30 March 2013

Lazpod Live #1

This is the first of a live Lazpod series Damian Lazarus is doing - this one was recorded in Hong Kong to celebrate Chinese New Year - well worth a listen if you like any of his regular Lazpods, always a bananas selection of stuff, old timey songs along with some whopper tracks. Includes short interviews with Jason Swamy (the Robot Heart guy) and Subb-an (Crosstown Rebels) who plays some sweet tunes; makes for good radio if you want something a little different:
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There is a minute of silence when the guest Xioa musician, Tam Po Shek is interviewed because of a mic problem but stick with it!

I have posted a few of his regular Lazpods here, check 'em out here or go to lazpod.com/ for the whole lot. To be honest I found the last one (#26), quite hard to get into, but any of the other ones I've checked out have been great.


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