07 February 2013

The Wizard (1989) revisited

I remember being obsessed with this movie and renting it out over and over. To avoid his younger (possibly autistic) brother Jimmy being put in an institution, Fred Savage runs away with him to California. They pick up a sassy chick in a train station whereupon they realise Jimmy is amazing at Nintendo. So the three of them hitch across a few states to Reno to win $50,000 at 'Video Armageddon' all the while being chased by their Dad (Beau Bridges), eldest brother (Christian Slater) and also a pesky P.I. their stepdad hired. Along the way they meet Lucas, Jimmy's main rival for the prize. He has 97 Nintendo games and is good at all of them. You can imagine how impressed I was. 

Check out the full trailer below or even stream the whole movie here. Yes, it clearly was just a big ad for Nintendo. "Just keep your power gloves off her, pal, huh?" - but with lines like that, quality nonetheless. If you haven't seen the movie before, be warned. It's TERRIBLE. But, if like me, you watched it as a kid, were big into Nintendo (still am) and like things that are so ridiculous they are amazing, you should check it out.


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