20 January 2013

Prince accepting awards at the AMAs 1985

Prince being a stone cold badass as he wins Best Black Single, Best Black Album and Best Pop Album in the 1985 American Music Awards. Yes, it was that racist. Bonus points for Huey Lewis and Madonna's awkward presentation exchange, Lionel Richie's jackets and the absolute amazingness of The Revolution. Haven't seen style like that since the video for Midas Touch. I was also a few views up when I noticed Prince is carrying a single rose with him on his first trip to the podium. Hero.

I always thought that Dave Chapelle clip where Prince and the Revolution challenge Charlie Murphy and his friends to a basketball match would be exaggerated for comedy's sake. But having watched them at the awards, it seems entirely plausible.

Prince and The Revolution performed 'Purple Rain' at the awards, click here to check it out.

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