28 November 2012

Throne of Blood podcast 012 - Max Pask

It's hard to keep up with all the Throne Of Blood podcasts but this one caught my ears due to its inordinate amount of space laser noises. Chilled disco turns into some heavier slick beats via some quality deep house - from Max Pask:
If you can't see the above box, click here

1. Almunia "Pulsar"- Claremont 56
3. Moebius & Plank - Automatic (Manu Guiot Remix) - Bureau B
4. Timothy J Fairplay "Saco Bay" - Emotional Rescue
5. Daniel Maloso "Punk Reggae Disco" - Comeme
6. Lauer "Tentatious" - Running Back
7. Remote "Gogogo"
8. Gina X Performance - "No G.D.M." (Psychonauts Remix) - Gigolo
9. Golden Bug Ft Mau "One Way" (Kasper Bjork Remix) - La Belle
10. Los Lopez- "Are You a Lesbian?" (Mugwump Remix) - Days of Being Wild
11. Monoblok & PSLKTR Ft MTH "Sigminder" - Meant
12. Maxime & Remain "Sergei" - Clouded Vision
13. Black Strobe "The Girl From The Bayou" (Crackboy Remix) - Black Strobe Rec
15. Mark Henning "Chicago Sunrise" - Cityfox
16. Trevino "Lag" - REVOLVE:R
17. Alex Egan "Codicil" - Marketing

I've posted a bunch of Throne of Blood podcasts before, my favourite is the Cosmic Kids one, check it out here.


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