06 November 2012

Nathan Fake's Fact mix November 2012

Nathan Fake's podcast for Fact mag is whopper. Love Luke Abbott. That 'Modern Driveway' track is a thing of aural beauty. Lovely afternoon beats.


Pedrodollar – Hyperdemo
Wesley Matsell – Ynys Byr
Todd Edwards – Never Far From You
EQD – Equalized #111 03
Unknown – Unknown
Luke Abbott – Modern Driveway
Baby Ford – Normal (AFX remix)
Actress – Harrier ATTK
Planetary – Matter of Sound
The Widowmaker – Untitled
Boards of Canada – Numerator
Nathan Fake – Iceni Strings (Bonus Dub #2)
Operator – Warriston (What Is It Good For)
Wesley Matsell – Foreverzone

He is playing The Twisted Pepper early next year.


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