22 October 2012

Tronik Youth's October 2012 mix

Sweet mix from Tronik Youth. I came across it as it has a Dublin Aunts remix in it, and I like everything they do. This also has tunes from Gigamesh, Benoit & Sergio, a savage tune from Michael Meyer and an amazing remix of Metronomy's 'Loving Arms' from Get A Room. Get in:

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1 Kohib - Tirakan (Feat.Mari Boine)
2 Ledder - Everytime You Cry (SoundSam Remix)
3 Beto Cravito & Whatever/Whatever- No Social Culture (Original Mix)
4 Metronomy - Loving Arms (Get A Room mix)
5 Escort - Starlight (RAC Mix)
6 Rory Phillps (w/Martin Dubka) - Don't Stop
7 Gigamesh - Don't Stop (Goodnight Keaton Remix)
8 Mario Basanov - Damn Girl
9 Tronik Youth - Breath (Dublin Aunts Remix)
10 Pammin - Need Someone
11 Irrelevant Celebrities - Dance and Chant
12 DJ King - The Other Side Of The Galaxy
13 Dixlexsix - Cross eyed Girl (In Fields Mix)
14 Benoit & Sergio - Lipstick and Lace
15 Michael Meyer - Good Times (Feat.Jeppe Kjellberg)
16 Kruse & Nuernberg Feat.Steve Downes - Love Can't Break You Down (Shur-I-Khan's 80's Vox Mix)


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