31 October 2012

No Name mixtape by Rafael Wallon

artwork by this guy

A really interesting mix of disco tunes with some slightly heavier beats throughout. Really well put together, with some gorgeous tracks from Whomadewho, Cosmic Kids, Crazy P and Soul Clap, and it even has 'Beam Me Up' and my current on repeat track crush, the Todd Terje mix of Nothing Gold by Joakim. Happy Hallowe'en!

Africastle (Kode9 Remix) - Battles
Empty Heart - Tristesse Contemporaine
Inside World (Daniel Maloso Remix) - Whomadewho
Function - Pipes
Little One - Maya Jane Coles
Reginal's Groove (Classix Remix) - Cosmic Kids
Beam Me Up C(Jacques Renault Remix) - Midnight Magic
Carbon Cowboy - Principles of Geometry
The Breaks (Fall On Your Sword Remix) - Planningtorock
No Love (La Muerte feat. Pauline Ohanna Cover)- Marie Madeleine
Nothing Gold - (Todd Terje mix) - Joakim
The Hit - Crazy P
Reptile (Attar! remix) - Citizens
Patchwork - Appaloosa
A Shifting Drifting World (It's A Fine Line Remix) - Paris
Lonely C - Soul Clap
Night Drive - The Hacker


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