25 July 2012

Latest Throne of Blood podcast: Geoffroy/Mugwump

Some pretty cosmic* beats from the latest Throne of Blood podcast; this one is from Geoffroy/ Mugwump. There are a couple of amazing tunes in there. Click here for a download link.

If you can't see the above box, click here.

01. Walls "Into our midst" Esperenza mix (Kompakt)
02. The Asphodells "A Love From Outer Space" (Bird Scarer)
03. Mugwump/Andrew Weatherall "Untitled"
04. Disco Vigilantes "Robotalk" (Whiskey Pickle)
05. Rodion & Mamarella "Majenta" (Slow Motion)
06. Sir Ouakam "Saudisco" Simon Goldshlager remix (Days Of Being Wild)
07. Patrice Baümel secret edits (Ewan Pearson/Patrice Baümel)
08. Schaltkreis Wasserman "Go-go Dancer" (I-Robots)
09. Pirupa "Party Non Stop" (Defected)
10. LHAS "A Feeling" IAFL remix (Eskimo)
11. Markus Enochson "Boy" (Machinists)
12. Adam Marshall "Basstracking" (New Kanada)
13. Cowboy Rhythm Box "Shake" (Comémé)
14. Matthew Jonson & Exercise One "Lost Forever in a Happy Crowd" (Exone)
15. Benny Rodriguez "It's a Spiritual Thing" Patrice Chardronnet remix (Suara)
16. Max 404 "Shapeshifters" Russ Gabriel remix (Eevolute)

*By cosmic I mean starts out cosmic, gets pretty darn filthy. In a good way.

Check out the previous Throne of Blood podcasts at soundcloud.com/throneofblood. Looking forward to the next one.



  1. Too techno for Julie ( that is techno right?!)

  2. oh yeah, it's banging. hence where i said ' pretty darn filthy ' - don't worry, some softer stuff on its way, i'll keep you posted!