22 May 2012

Paul Kalkbrenner - Berlin Calling / DEMF live set

I got the Berlin Calling DVD for my friend Paul at Christmas and we only just watched it a couple of weeks ago. I knew the soundtrack would be good but I didn't expect it to be a great film as well. Kalkbrenner plays Ickarus, a DJ trying to produce a new album while struggling with drug problems. It moves along at a fair clip punctuated with deadly tunes. And Kalkbrenner can ACT. I loved it. We kept turning the volume up when a song came on. It got pretty loud. I'd recommend watching it before you go out, because you're going to want to go out after anyway.

Check out the trailer here. While I was off buying real DVDs like a some kind of Luddite idiot, the people of the interweb were making it possible to stream the whole thing - click here to watch it.

Also, this: a sweet live set he did at Detroit Electronic Music Festival last year, check it out if you haven't heard it already, it's got a lot of the tunes from the Berlin Calling soundtrack in it:

Paul Kalkbrenner is playing in The Olympia this Thursday. We bought tickets pretty much straight after watching the movie. You can get some here.


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