25 April 2012

Terrible robot waiters: not just for Rocky

Look at him.

1983, Pasadena. A Chinese restaurant called Two Panda had two robot waiters that weren't very good, but played disco music when they got confused. Yes, it sounds like something out of a wonderful dream: "They’re programmed to be nice to customers — 'Will there be anything else?' and 'See you tomorrow' — in Japanese, English and Spanish. Patrons whose commands confuse the pair get the response: 'That’s not my problem,' accompanied by a short blast of disco music to which the bubbleheads dance back and forth." - but I just read about it on the internet. So you know it's true. It was on the Smithsonian blog so it might actually be real.  Too bad they were totally rubbish, or we could all be getting our dinner from disco lovin' robots today. Read the whole article here

And I thought terrible/ unbelievably deadly robot waiters were just in the movies. Amazing movies such as Rocky IV. Embedding of the robot clip isn't allowed but click here to see it in action, with its amazing birthday theme tune.  

Robot: PLEASE MAKE A WISH / Paulie: I wish I wasn't in this nightmare.

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