31 January 2014

White Magic Sunsets Podcast #8: Fernando

White Magic Sunsets appears to be a depressingly sun-soaked Sunday afternoon party in Bali. Which is very near the opposite of a grey, wet Friday in Dublin. But therein lies the beauty of music. Not to mention the interweb. Some very cool LCD style vibes and some disco in this mix by Fernando. Happy Friday!

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No tracklist but it does include a deadly remix of 'Love It' by Lou Teti by Tad Wily and a sweet tune called 'Channel' by Nile Delta among others!


29 January 2014

Vacationland mix #20: Ass Jazz

Was a little concerned when I saw the word Jazz in the title of Vacationland's latest mix. However it turns out Ass Jazz is different to regular jazz, thankfully! (No offence to any jazz fascists out there!) Another lovely mix from Vacationland, this one starts out quite dreamy and chilled then gets into some deadly tracks, including a quality edit of 'Bossy' by Kelis I hadn't heard before and even some of my favourite, Sade! Nice!

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I've posted a bunch of these mixes, check 'em out here.


27 January 2014

Kool Clap's 'An All Night Party' 80s mix

Amazing 80s vibes in this mix from Kool Clap. SO many sweet tracks, as per usual!

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1.Prince " Let's go crazy"
2.Steve Arrington " What do you want from me"
3.Fatback Band "Tonite's an all night party"
4.Billy Ocean "Showdown"
5.Bar-Kays "She talks to me with her body"
6.The Temptations " Treat her like a lady"
7.Forrest "She's so divine"
8.Penny Ford "Dangerous"
9.The S.O.S Band "Take your time(Do it right)"
10.P Funk Allstars "Copy Cat"
11.Fatback Band "Just be my love"

I've posted a bunch of Kool Clap mixes previously, check 'em out here, they are all sweet.


Bo Burnham's 'What' show

Check out comedian Bo Burnham's live show if you haven't already. It starts off pretty mental and continues on with high energy which is hectic and also very hilarious. There are a lot of impressive musical numbers in there and even an amazing poem about sluts. Not safe for work or intended for dopes who get offended easily. Dopes.

It's also on Netflix.
Buy the CD here.

22 January 2014

LeBron: Paperworks E.P.

LeBron hails from Melbourne and makes the most awesome disco mixes. This is his new E.P. It's quality; happy housey disco vibes. They are kind of bright and summery tracks but I guess it's about a million degrees in Melbourne right now so it makes sense.

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Check out the mixes I've put up here and follow facebook.com/pages/LeBRON for more.


20 January 2014

Adriatique at BPM Festival - January 2014

As far as I can hear, Adriatique have not put a foot wrong this last year. Cannot WAIT to see them live. Here is their set from BPM festival in Mexico recently. Beautiful deep vibes heading into some whopper tracks. You can hear the crowd going wild a couple of times during it too. Love it.

Also, check out their E.P. 'Lophobia' released last October if you haven't already, the last track 'Glyfada' is particularly slick.

I've posted a lot of Adriatique mixes before, check 'em out here.


13 January 2014

Swooner Exclusive Mix no.9: Pleasure Machines

SO. The first exclusive Swooner mix of 2014 comes from none other than Pleasure Machines! It is SO good. You may have heard a few of their mixes on Swooner before and if so, you know you are in for a treat. If not, Pleasure Machines = Sam and Mag Jr from Belgium and their quality, fun, mixes always manage to have whopper beats without being heavy or dark. This mix is bouncy with some nice electro vibes and slick tunes! (And as if that wasn't enough it even has some Flight Facilities) - Thanks guys, much appreciated. Have a great 2014!

I played their remix of Chris Hingher's track 'The Thigh Gap' on the space laser episode of Tiny Choons recently, check out the track here and the show here.

Listen to some of the mixes of theirs I've posted before here and go follow them:

Photo from here.

09 January 2014

Tronik Youth's January 2013 mix

Some nice bouncy, very funky vibes in the latest mix from Tronik Youth, nice selection.

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Tracklist to follow. Includes that Jaques Green track with Sampha on it. Nice.

I've posted some Tronik Youth mixes before, check 'em out here and follow him on  soundcloud.com/tronikyouth for more.

08 January 2014

Laser Sex: Supremium E.P.

Any excuse for a Lazertits.com visit.

The theme for the second Tiny Choons radio show was 'space laser noises' so we had a load of fun picking out tunes for it. AND finding new music! Imagine my delight and surprise when I found a band that actually lives up to the awesome name of 'Laser Sex'* - an American duo (Mike Nasser and Jeff Felkowski from Scranton) making some very funky tunes. You can listen to their E.P. 'Supremium' below. Funky and spacey and amazing with deadly soundbites throughout. I played their (also awesomely named) track, 'Chocolate Sex Kittens' on the show (it has a deadly Kenny Powers quote at the end), but all the tracks are whopper!

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Check out the rest of their tunes on soundcloud.com/lasersex, so many vibes. They are so sound you can download all their music at lasersex.bandcamp.com/!


*another awesome band with the word laser in it is Lasertom, check that out here!

04 January 2014

Def Disko: Embarrassment of Riches mix

(Art via here)

Well, I tried to go to bed early last night but ended up staying up an extra 2 and a half hours to listen to this whopper mix by Def Disko that my friend Ponie sent me. Some very slick beats, nice deep house, getting heavy at times - all in all a brilliant selection. Thanks Ponie, and Def Disko! Always impressed when a really long mix can hold my attention the whole way through!

Look at this tracklist! Downloadable too!

1. Monkey Biznizz (Original Mix) Daniel Bortz
2. Moscow (Spieltape Vocal Mix) Guru Groove Foundation
3. Cinnamon (Original Mix) - 1A Ross Evans
4. Gallop DEF DISKO
5. Sent (Original Mix) James Welsh
6. Careless (Original Mix) Dusky
7. Tie Me Up (PBR Streetgang Dub) Land Shark
8. 120.0 - Requiem (Original Mix) - 4A Ten Walls
9. LFO (Original Mix) Uner, Piek
10. I Stay (Original Mix) Jens Bond, Jacob Phono
11. Gotham (Original Mix) Ten Walls
12. Freedom Walks (Live Version) Johannes Brecht
13. Geometry (Sol & Sample Remix) Robot Love
14. Pink Water (Original Mix) Eduardo De La
15. Signals (Original Mix) Tapesh, Maximiljan
16. Sunseeker (Original Mix) Martin Buttrich, Mousse T.
17. The Storm (Daniel Dexter Remix) Edu Imbernon, Coyu
18. When The Wild Horse (Original Mix) Nick Curly
19. Monkey Troopers (Original Mix) Martin Buttrich
20. Bassline Soldiers (Original Mix) NiCe7
21. Waterdrops (Original Mix) Paul C, Paolo Martini
22. Asimo (Original Mix) Daniel Trim
23. Sisters - DESOLAT 036x - 3A Tiger Stripes
24. Roach Hotel (Original Mix) Pele, Shawnecy
25. Perspex Sex (Ewan's Hi-NRG Remix - DJ T. Edit) Freeform Five
26. I'm Gonna Give It To You (Rochelle's Revenge Underground Goodie Mix)
27. Noh Ngamebo (Original Mix) Arto Mwambe
28. Level 7 (Dixon Remix) Mathew Jonson
29. Yes Maam (All Nite Long) (Henrik Schwarz Remix) Visti, Meyland
30. Llentrisca (Original Mix) - 8A Affkt
31. I Am Somebody (Original Mix) Technasia
32. Get Up In My Head (James Welsh Remix) Tom Budden, Forrest
33. Coil (Original Mix) Dense & Pika
34. My Roots (Technasia Remix) Roger Sanchez
35. Goodly Sin feat. Elif Bicer (Robert Hood Remix) Ben Klock
36. White Noise (feat. AlunaGeorge) (Original Mix) Disclosure
37. Untitled (Call Out Your Name) (Deetron Remix) Paul Woolford
38. Help Me Lose My Mind (Paul Woolford Remix) Disclosure, London Grammar
39. Nimrod (original mix) DEF DISKO

Ponie also sent me a previous Def Disko mix which was probably one of my most listened to mixes of 2013, check that out here, it's also amazing!