31 October 2013


Happy Hallowe'en! Went to see a movie last weekend as part of Horrorthon called 'Discopath' - it's about a guy who gets an uncontrollable urge to kill whenever he hears disco music. It's set in New York and Montreal in the 70s and it is flipping awesome. It's the perfect mix of horror, comedy and sweet disco tunes! Not sure if it was supposed to be as amusing and schlocky as we thought it was but we all loved it. Some amazing gore and creepiness balanced out with amazing Beastie Boy style cops, fast paced action (the movie flew by at only 80 mins) and a load of lesbians thrown in for good measure. Not for everyone of course, but it was basically my dream movie! We might have to show this at a future Swooner Movie Night!

This song features a good bit:

Discopath on IMDB

30 October 2013

Solé Fixtape #19: Breakbot

Breakbot made a pretty chilled, dreamy mix for Solé Bicycles.

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Some lovely tunes including 'Enjoy Your Life' by Oby Onyihoa, Rayko did a great edit of it which is in the amazing mix Rob Le-Nan made for Swooner, it's an addictive track. Check that mix out here!

James Bobbin - it's music
Chris Thomas - celebrity funk
Enchantment - give it up
Plush - free and easy
Skool Boyz - heartbreaker
Jane Child - don't wanna fall in love (sheep pettibone remix)
ze-brass - feels so good
Kid creole and the coconuts - i'm a wonderful thing baby
Dayton - eyes on you
Grand Tour - late november
Rory Block - help me baby
Kenny Smith - witness
Conway Brothers - turn it up
Larry Nevilles - this time is real
Raven feat. Jocelyn Brown - so in love
Second Image - star
Donna Washington - you can't hide from the boogie
Brenda Watts - you're my chance
Tantra - get happy
Cotton Candy Feat. Donna Trollinger - Having Fun
Oby Onyihoa - Enjoy your life
Nick Straker Band - straight ahead
Teddy Pendergrass - come go with me
Doobie Brothers - flying clouds

I've posted a few other Solé mixes, check out the one by Classixx here and the one by Gigamesh here.

Check out the rest at solebicycles.com/lifestyle/#/fixtape.

Flamingo: Dance Club Sydney mix

Image from here.

I'd never heard of Flamingo before I came across this quality mix they made for Dance Club Sydney. They are a 3 piece band based in Adelaide making pretty cool tunes, kind of slow, heavy but also very dreamy. And they put together a pretty sweet mix; nice, slow vibe with a few deadly tracks I'd never heard before. It's short but very enjoyable. The last track is one of theirs and I've had it on repeat. Check it out:

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01 - Emoh Instead - Why Can't You (Say So….)
02 - Jaw Jam - Long NIght
03 - Charles Murdoch - Unreleased
04 - A Thousand Years - Flying High
05 - Mount Kimbie - Made to Stray
06 - Bonobo - Cirrusv
07 - Nicolas Jaar - The Ego
08 - Ben Pearce What I Might Do (Kilter Remix)
09 - Twin Empire - What I Want
10 - Lion Babe - Treat Me Like Fire
11 - FLAMINGO - Heart, My (Original Mix)

Check out more of their tunes at soundcloud.com/flamingoaus.

Flamingo on Facebook

28 October 2013

Chronotropic by Anoraak: new album stream

Anoraak's latest album 'Chronotropic' is out, you can stream it on hypem for the moment. It's pretty dreamy. Chilled, kind of 80s, kind of Drive, french beats.  Quality cover too!

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I've posted a great mix by Anoraak before, check it out here and follow him at soundcloud.com/anoraak.

Order the album at anoraak.com/.

Vacationland mix #18: Night Shift

The latest Vacationland mix. Lovely dreamy tunes to cure what ails you of a Monday bank holiday, upbeat happy beats. Still loving these guys' vibe. These mixtapes are a little different, with great artwork and quality tunes. Oh, and this one even has some Louis C.K and Top Gun quotes, not to mention the new Chromeo track 'Over Your Shoulder' in it, so you know it's good.

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1. Hunter Hunted - Keep Together (Viceroy Remix)
2. Israel Medina, Sample Magic & David Felton - Phase Craze
3. Chris Malinchak - So Into You
4. Oliver - Night Is On My Mind
5. Beer Lover - Last Dance (Original Mix)
6. Vancington - Baby It’s You
7. Rheg - Weird Monkey (Original Mix) ** FEATURED TRACK **
8. Le Crayon - Give You Up (feat. KLP) (Darius Remix)
9. SOS Band - No One’s Gonna Love You (Breixo Edit)
10. Edit Murphy - Love Again
11. Surahn - Wonderful (Aeroplane Remix)
12. Ninetynine - Ribbons
13. Chromeo - Over Your Shoulder
14. Nelson Leeroy - No Man Has Ever Landed On The Moon
15. Toomy Disco - The Wait (AFS Extended Edit)
16. Just Kiddin - Feeling Better
17. Tonbe - Boogie Girl (Original Mix)
18. Johnny Stimson - Daddy’s Money (Follow Me Remix)
19. Tom Tom Club - Wordy Rappinghood (Rascale Quick Edit)
20. Pillowtalk - Lullaby
21. Holy Ghost! - I Wanna Be Your Hand
22. Lifelike - Urban Sex (Dub Mix)
23. Modjo - Lady (Hear Me Tonight)
24. DJ EQ - Jet Sonique (Original Mix)
25. Righeira - Vamos A La Playa (12” Mix)
26. Skibblez - Poolside Summer (Original Mix)
27. Clubfeet - Acapulco & LA

I've posted a bunch of previous Vacationland mixes, check 'em here and follow them on soundcloud.com/vacation-land for more!


24 October 2013

Swooner Exclusive Mix no.6: Rob Le-Nan's 'Doctor Funkenstein' Mix

Prepare to get down and dance to this amazingly funky mix thanks to Rob Le-Nan! A whopper fun mix of hip hop, funk, disco and house tunes to enjoy over the Hallowe'en season! 

T-Rice & Dj Agent - Get Ripped
Naughty By Nature - O.P.P
illegal cookin Dj - Paid In Full
Arrested Development - Everyday People
Rayko - Enjoy Your Life
Sister Sledge - Greatest Dancer (Daz Digs Disco re-edit)
Hotbox - Inferno
Woodhead - Take You Away
Ed Wizard & Disco Double Dee - Love Dance
Leon Sweet - GTTR
Majestique - Must Get There (Dubka Remix)
Jad & the Ladyboy - Lovin'
Alkalino - Own Thing
Fingerman - Phoenix(edit)
Panthera Krause - Summer Breeze (Be Summer Mix by Good Guy Mikesh)
Kotelett, Zadak - Tony Trader
Kolsch - Der Alte
Pachanga Boys - Time

To download this mix click here

Rob has a quality radio show on ungradio.com every Thursday from 8pm until 9pm - I've posted a few of his shows up on Swooner before (here, here and here!). After an eventful summer of playing various festivals including Electric Picnic and Valentia Isle, he will be playing at Middle Earth's Secret Sounds Hallowe'en Party (November 1st/2nd) and also Decompression Festival in Charleville Castle, Cork on November 16th. Busy guy! So extra thanks Rob for taking the time to make Swooner a deadly mix! Follow him at soundcloud.com/rob_le-nan for more! 

22 October 2013

The Hare Café: Spotify Playlists

The Hare Café is a pop-up vegetarian restaurant currently in Templebar Gallery, Dublin, as part of  'The Workers' Café' Exhibition. The Hare will run until November 2nd and Fiona asked me if I'd pick some music for one of the days. So I made a musical menu of Spotify playlists, each meal a different vibe. In the immortal words of Colin Farrell, "breakfast, lunch, and dinner" - and brunch! About 7 hours of tunes, hopefully a little something for everyone! 

The Breakfast list has a bunch of happy, upbeat tunes to get your day started right! 

Lunch is more of an 80s, disco and funk affair, as well it should be:

Dinner has slightly more bangin' beats:

Oh and there is also a Brunch playlist which is shorter but full of sweet R'n'B and a little hip-hop!

Keep up with The Hare Café on twitter (@TheHareCafe) and make sure to pop in before it finishes. Even if you're not vegetarian, the food looks insanely delicious. I'm going tomorrow!


20 October 2013

Hidden Agenda Mixtape 19 - for Swooner Rather Than Hater!

I knew if I went away for a week with no internet I'd miss something awesome. What a brilliant surprise to come home to this in my inbox - another quality mix from Hidden Agenda's Stephen Manning, this one especially for Swooner! It has made my return to real life quite pleasant despite the lack of beach and sun. Thanks Stephen! Quality tunes throughout from Mano le Tough, Four Tet, Henrik Schwarz, Fort Romeau and Ben Pearce including a particularly sweet Fu-Gee La edit. Check 'em out!

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I've posted a few of Stephen's other mixes here and here; also here and here! And go follow soundcloud.com/hiddenagendaclub for more.

Check out hiddenagendaclub.com/ for quality tunes and info about upcoming gigs (Mano Le Tough, Mount Kimbie and Simian Mobile Disco to name but a few!)


11 October 2013

Cosmic Kids live at Let's Play House September 2013

This set from L.A.'s Cosmic Kids starts off with some super chill upbeat disco and heads into some deadly housey tunes, (with some great eclectic tunes thrown in too); a live set they did last month. Sweet!

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I've posted a bunch of Cosmic Kids mixes on Swooner but a lot of them get taken down for some reason. Check out some sweet ones that are still up here, here and here.


09 October 2013

Fleetmac Wood Mix for AOR Volume 3

"I used to carry a gram of cocaine in my boot at all times" - Stevie Nicks

Yay, it's here! Was waiting for this, Volume 3 of the Fleetmac Wood series for the excellent AOR Disco blog. Another round of all Fleetwood Mac edits, cut with soundbites of the band discussing their past. Quality, as per usual!

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1. Don't Let Me Down Again (Wonder Wheel Re-edit) - Buckingham Nicks
2. Without You (Meaningless Re-edit)
3. Brown Eyes (Les Petits Oiseaux Edit)
4. Black Magic Woman (Antenna Happy Edit)
5. Stand Back (Roxanne Roll Re-Heat featuring Steven Nicks)
6. Dreams (Walter Sobcek Remix)
7. Don't Stop (Shengi Rework)
8. Stand Back (Mojo Filter Period Drama Re-Up)
9. World Turning (Cider Brothers Around Me Edit)

Check out Volume One and Volume Two.


08 October 2013

Throne of Blood podcast 27: Cosmo Vitelli

Art by this guy.

The latest Throne Of Blood podcast is by Cosmo Vitelli and starts off a little slow, psychadelic and dark and then gets into some sweet, sweet italo-esque beats.

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I've posted a few other Throne Of Blood podcasts, check out a few of my favourite ones here, here and here, and follow soundcloud.com/throneofblood for the rest.

TOB on Facebook

06 October 2013

Moshigogo's October 2013 mix

Always a winner. "Goldroom, Hot Natured, Bronx, London Grammar and Basement Jaxx, along with some 90s classics!" Three words. Terence. Trent. D'Arby.

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Check out the mix that Moshigogo did for Swooner below and his other mixes here. And go follow him on soundcloud.com/moshigogo! I also still have not tired of his Daft Punk/ JT mash up, check it out here.

03 October 2013

Stream Daniel Avery's debut album 'Drone Logic'

Daniel Avery's debut LP 'Drone Logic' is out soon; you can stream it here for a little while more. Quality beats, sometimes dark, always slick. Making this grey day much less so.


01. Water Jump
02. Free Floating
03. Drone Logic
04. These Nights Never End
05. Naïve Response
06. Platform Zero
07. Need Electric
08. All I Need
09. Spring 27
10. Simulrec
11. New Energy (Live Through It)
12. Knowing We'll Be Here

Beautiful album artwork above by Kate Copeland.

Avery has a great radio show on Rinse Fm, (fourth monday of every month, 11pm) - I've posted a couple of the episodes here, here and here. Go follow soundcloud.com/danielavery for more.