27 May 2015

Radiomade's Forbidden Fruit Afterparty This Friday

Radiomade (home to Tiny Choons) is putting on a great gig in The Tivoli after Forbidden Fruit on Friday night (29th May) - I Am The Cosmos are playing along with Diamond Dagger, Miss Kate and No Requests.

Jack from Radiomade told me he thought I'd like Diamond Dagger - boy was he right. It is right up Swooner Avenue - serious synthy vibes not to mention references to all my favourite 80s movies in the song titles.

I Am The Cosmos are amazing live, in all their spacey wonder, check out their album Monochrome below. They have a new album in the bag so hoping to hear some new vibes as well! Looking forward to checking out Miss Kate and No Requests too, haven't seen them before!

Check out more links on the FB event here. Get tickets here. See ya there!


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