19 May 2015

JDH + Dave P - FIXED Mix Spring 2015

Starts off dreamy, gets a little bit banging. Some might say too banging for a Tuesday morning, but they'd be wrong, and probably went out more than me at the weekend. Perfect. Love these guys. From what I can gather they play and put on sweet gigs in NYC a good bit, check out fixednyc.com/ for more.

1. Man Power - Beware Boy
2. Daniel T. - Edit Service 54
3. Who Made Who - Dreams (Kiwi remix)
4. Gonno - Obscurant
5. Thomass Jackson - For the Junkies
6. Mange Moi -100 Scrupules
7. Cliff Lothar - Soul Plonk
8. Red Axes - Todum Todum
9. DeWad & Mokic - Pink Pants (Two Mamarrachos Mix)
10. Offset - Extended
11. Jas Shaw - It's Not the Clock that Tells the Time
12. Hot Chip - Need You Now
13. Bicep - Just
14. J.G. Wilkes - Jaxon
15. Iron Blue - Dervish
16. Patrice Baumel - The Vanishing

JDH and Dave P made a Throne Of Blood podcast I posted last year, it's slick, check it out here.

Love Red Axes as well - their Throne Of Blood podcast is also brill - check it here and check out their new EP here.

Love that Daniel T. edit - I've posted a good few of his mixes, check 'em out here. I'm also a new Kiwi fan, his tunes are rad but he can also lash out the disco, check out this amazing 4 hour disco set I posted recently here.

Dave P also has a radio show you can check out at soundcloud.com/makingtime.


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