27 November 2014

IVAN idea! A MINOR Mix Of VARIAN Intensity: Swooner Exclusive Mix no. 13

Due to some tech difficulties involving my laptop and a rogue glass of wine I've been sitting on this for a while. But finally getting to share it with you all today! The latest Swooner mix comes from Dublin's Ivan Varian and is absolutely whopper, filled with beats of varying intensity, mostly in an A Minor key! 

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David Holmes - Story Of The Ink
Guy Gerber & Puff Daddy - My Heart
Rampue - Turn Around
Tronik Youth - Pain Relief (DJ Steef remix)
Velvet Season & Hearts of Gold - Camel Toe Central
Matthew Dear - Headcage (Disko Selectors Extended remix)
Hardway Bros - AB Musique
Cliff Martinez - Son of Placenta Previa
Genius of Time - Tom Jam
Shinichi Atobe - Free Access Zone 2
Soul Clap - Conscious
Burnski - Time
Daniel Avery - All I need (Roman Flugel remix)
Thomalla - Nachkik
Deep & Disco - Hitney Whouston
Ishmel - Luomo
Wolf + Lamb and Nick Monaco - Festival Erotica (Soul Clap Remix)
Moderat - Bad Kingdom (Dj Koze Remix)
Jamie Lloyd - May I (Quarion Remix)

Ivan co-presents Deep Side Cuts on Radiomade and curates deepsidecuts.com/. He also recently made an excellent 3 part mix series called '20 Years A Diggin'" - all of which can be found on Swooner and I would highly recommend checking out here

Go follow him at: mixcloud.com/ivanvarian/ - Thanks Ivan! 

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  1. Cool tracklist , btw I am the DJ and can share this web which I often use for my projects