19 September 2014

Midnight Magic Mix by Soul Clap

Been listening to lots of Midnight Magic lately; I played the No Regular Play remix of 'Night Flight' on the latest Tiny Choons show, there was a 2014 rework of their tune 'Psycho For Your Love' on the latest Last Gas Station compilation, and I've had their Midnight Creepers album on repeat since. And lo and behold Swooner faves Soul Clap have put together a Midnight Magic Mix for Thump as part of a series LA venue The Well has started. Beautiful, dreamy cosmic spacey vibes for an hour. And it's downloadable. What else do you need?!

Posted a couple of amazing radio shows Soul Clap did over in Ibiza, check them out here. And for more cosmic space vibes check out this Kubrick Space Funk Mixtape by Marc DL.


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