29 July 2014

Joy Orbison's Essential Mix July 2014

This was the Essential Mix on Saturday night just gone, only got round to checking it out now. It's a dark, slick winner. Lots of whopper tunes, and a bunch of white label mysteries. Third track in is one such unnamed tune - it's is an amazing remix of 'Thinkin' About Your Body' - a tune by Bobby Mc Ferrin*, - I just put the original tune on the playlist I made for the Hare Café last week so delighted to hear a new mix of it here! EDIT: it's this 'Thinking Bout Your Booty' by MarcAshken, thanks Michael for posting it in the comments: youtu.be/58p3UMf_was

To DL this mix click here (thanks to soundcloud.com/nickottrando). For the tracklist go here.

I posted another savage Joy Orbison mix a while back now, which he made just when he was starting his Hinge Finger label. Check that out here.

I've also put up a few other quality Essential mixes, check out Bonobo, Tensnake and Perseus & Jonas Rathsman's.


*Just a note about Bobby McFerrin if you aren't aware of his complete awesomeness. He has 10 grammys and did the theme tune for The Cosby Show, Season 4, not to mention all the orchestras he has conducted and operas he has written. Check out this video where he does some amazing teaching about expectations and also this video where he plays himself like the funky human theremin he is! What a legend.