22 October 2013

The Hare Café: Spotify Playlists

The Hare Café is a pop-up vegetarian restaurant currently in Templebar Gallery, Dublin, as part of  'The Workers' Café' Exhibition. The Hare will run until November 2nd and Fiona asked me if I'd pick some music for one of the days. So I made a musical menu of Spotify playlists, each meal a different vibe. In the immortal words of Colin Farrell, "breakfast, lunch, and dinner" - and brunch! About 7 hours of tunes, hopefully a little something for everyone! 

The Breakfast list has a bunch of happy, upbeat tunes to get your day started right! 

Lunch is more of an 80s, disco and funk affair, as well it should be:

Dinner has slightly more bangin' beats:

Oh and there is also a Brunch playlist which is shorter but full of sweet R'n'B and a little hip-hop!

Keep up with The Hare Café on twitter (@TheHareCafe) and make sure to pop in before it finishes. Even if you're not vegetarian, the food looks insanely delicious. I'm going tomorrow!


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