26 April 2013

Villa and Monsieur Moustache: Erotic City Mix Vol.2

This is a very enjoyable not to mention very erotic mix by Villa and Monsieur Moustache. I'd never heard of Monsieur Moustache before but he sounds like my kinda guy. It includes 'Like An Eagle' by Dennis Parker and an edit of  'Don't Let Go' by Tony Orlando, 2 of my favourite disco tracks and ends with 'Cheaters', so you know it's rad; lots of 80s pop, disco and sexy synthy vibes!

If you can't see the above box, click here.

Tracklist (minimal):
1. Ma Chérie
2. Maison Klaus
3. Midnight And A New Direction
4. Westway
5. Knights In White Satin
6. Like An Eagle
7. Slow Down Baby
8. Electromagnetic
9. Don't Let Go
10. Herbal Cake
12. Gangster Love
13. Sweet Dynamite
14. No Frills
15. S&M
16. Clown
17. HNT
18. Cheaters

Check out vol.1 here.


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