03 April 2013

Har Mar Superstar's Nocturnal Emotions podcast #5 with Gavin McInnes

This is a little bit different and will not appeal to everyone, but, in the eternal quest for good radio I found out that Sean Tiller, aka Har Mar Superstar has a podcast called Nocturnal Emotions where he talks to famous people about their most embarrassing moments. In this episode he talks to Gavin McInnes (co founder of Vice, maker of the Dos and Don'ts column back when it was good) and it's quality; I was laughing out loud all over the place. Then they play a game called 'Let's Ruin Your Favourite Song' which is pretty amusing as well. It's kinda stonery, it's definitely pretty rude with tonnes of bad language and will possibly offend a bunch people. Be warned! 

In this one he talks to his best friend Adam Green who was in The Moldy Peaches about his youth and drug fuelled parts of his life. It's also hilarious, and also extremely rude: earwolf.com/episode/turbo-marco/ - I'm looking forward to checking out more of the episodes.

While we're here this is probably my favourite Har Mar tune/video. Some damn funky vibes:

P.S. Gavin McInnes also has some great videos on youtube and a good youtube channel: youtube.com/user/thegavin2000

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