27 February 2013

Max's MK - Deep House Mix

I don't usually click on things that are called 'BEST DEEP HOUSE MIX' as they usually are anything but - however, I spotted Hot Natured in the tracklisting and they are one of my current musical crushes ever since that 'Benediction' tune. Turns out this deep house mix is quality. If you like your deep house super deep and possibly causing impromptu bedroom dancing or sitting down fist pumps at the very least, that is. And the Hot Natured tune on it is whopper:

Thalydomid - The Voice
Martin Dawson & Andre Crom - Gonna Be Alright (Huxley remix)
Bareskin - Eyes
Shadow Child - The Verdict Part 2
Hot Natured & Ali Love - Forward Motion (MK Reverse mix)
Yousef - Beg
Erik Christiansen - Cosmic Girl
Pete Tong feat. S.Y.F - Dawn
Dave Aju - Caller #7(Seth Troxler & Amp remix)
Thomas Gandy  & Maxxi Soundsystem - I Don't Care (PBR Streetgang remix)
Ry, Frank Wiedeman - Howling (Ame remix)

If you go like his FB page and message him he will send you a download link apparently: facebook.com/MaXsMkFRANCE


  1. Forgot how amazing that benediction tune is. Bedroom boogie.

  2. For sure. Been checking out a lot of Hot Natured's stuff lately. This is a whopper tune: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aGrgRZ27ZMU

  3. So blogspot doesn't tell me when you reply to my comments. Just seeing now that you've replied to pretty much all of them. And I was feeling so rejected.

  4. Oh no! Aww! Can you see the thing below that says 'subscribe by email' ? i think if you do that they email you whenever anyone replies. I think. Aw, did I not reply to some of your comments? I am sorry!