02 September 2012

Last Gas Station Late Summer compilation

Late summer 14 track compilation from Last Gas Station, sweet tunes from all sorts! Light and dreamy. Particularly loving the Satin Jackets, Worst Friends and Montevideo tunes:

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For a super sound free download and more info on the artists visit La.Ga.Sta. Just go visit there anyway, it's a great blog.

01. A.N.D.Y. – The Room (DJ Version)
02. Pharao Black Magic – Happy Kalimba
03. Panama – Magic
04. NTEIBINT – Quincy Bay
05. Chordashian – Sea Crest
06. Worst Friends – Neve’s For None (Faux Pas Remix)
07. Rolla Scape – Praise Love
08. Lane 8 – The Voice
09. Montevideo – Horses (Discotexas Dub)
10. In Flagranti – Humdrum
11. Satin Jackets feat. Eric Cozier – Hollywood (Live Jam Version)
12. Matthias Zimmermann – Fez
13. Charles Murdoch – Ahama
14. Mindless Boogie – My Hero (Kid Who Edit)


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