09 August 2012

Discoholycs mix no. 9

I'm like an alcoholic, but for discohol. Discoholycs hail from Colombia and make damn funky mixes; this one has tunes from Lindstrom and Peter and The Magician, remixes by Psychemagik, Cosmonauts, C90s and all sorts of other goodness: 

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1. Money - Lou Teti
2. Day By Day (Psychemagik Mix) - Research
3. Motivate - All Good Funk Alliance
4. Don't Lose Control (Faze Action Edit) - Del Strange
5. We Love Computers (Sare Havlicek remix) - Salta and Roma
6. Mirror Ball (Cosmonauts Ego Trippin' Dub) - Auxiliary the Masterfader
7. Ra-ako-st (Todd Terje Extended Edit) - Lindstrom
8. Ecstatic Love Glow - Rudy's Midnight Machine
9. Partytime - Jeremy Gleen
10. Do The Do - Whole Sick
11. Twenty Radios (A.N.D.Y. Remix) - Bodyspasm
12. In the Air - Country Club
13. Memory (Club Mix) - Peter & The Magician
14. Horses (Zimmer Remix) - Montevideo
15. Catch (The C90's Remix) - The Egg
16. Electric Boogie (Icarus! Remix) - LeBron
17. 1992 (Justin Faust remix) - Ben Mono & Idiotronic

They also have a link to this pretty nuts radio station which I am trying to figure out: topradio.co

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