20 July 2012

Lil'Dave & The Drifter: Body and Soul set

Staying in never felt so good. 

This is Lil'Dave and The Drifter's mix from the Saturday at Body and Soul. An amazing set, delighted I got to hear it live, even more delighted they had the foresight to record it and I get to listen again.

I've put the set in my dropbox, click here for a download link.

Like that's not good enough, one of the tunes that is coming up as unknown above is a remix of Metronomy's 'She Wants' - Mark played it and it was one of my highlights of the whole festival. It's an unbelievable tune. I emailed him about it and you can get a FREE download of it here. Get in: 

If you can't see the above box, please click here


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