23 April 2012

John Talabot on Rinse fm

Underneath that tinfoil is more tinfoil, he's like a human pass the parcel.

John Talabot was on London's Rinse fm last month with Oneman. Here be the podcast. It just made my day. Huzzah! I love the DJs on Rinse fm - they say stuff like 'stric'ly the wickedest vibes' and can totally get away with it 'cause of their accents.

I have the mp3 of this for download, if you would like a link, just comment below and I will pass it on.

SWOON. It even has one of the best tunes ever, 'Goodbye Horses' by Lazarus on it, followed by some Chic. Roll on Body and Soul Festival.



  1. AAaaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrggggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhh!

    Excuse my dramatic comic-book style screaming but i just went to listen to this mix and it appears to have been erased from the interweb 4evs :(


  2. ARGH, I hate when that happens. However, I have that show on mp3 so if you give me your email address I can send you a download link. Boo.... yak-a-sha!

  3. Hey I uploaded the mix via wetransfer. It'll be valid for a week from today. Let me know if you get it ok. http://wtrns.fr/icikhPaA1npsUVF